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Prior Lake Spring Lake Watershed District


The District employs six permanent staff members. This team handles the day-to-day operation of the District, such as implementing water quality and flood reduction projects, collecting and analyzing water monitoring data, enforcing District rules, and answering calls from interested citizens

Meet Our Staff

Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson

Water Resources Coordinator

Phone: 952-440-0070

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Emily Dick

Emily Dick

Water Resources Project Manager

Phone: 952-440-0068

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Patty Dronen

Patty Dronen

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 952-447-4166

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Josie Giese

Joni Giese

District Administrator

Phone: 952-440-0067

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Zach Nagel

Zach Nagel

Water Resources Technician

Phone: 952-440-0101

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Danielle Studer

Danielle Studer

Water Resources Specialist

Phone: 952-440-0069

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