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Prior Lake Spring Lake Watershed District


Your boating actions affect water quality. Follow speed and wake rules, and learn how to properly clean, drain and dry your boat to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Clean, Drain and Dry Your Boat

Invasive species, such as zebra mussels and curlyleaf pondweed, are frequently transported as boats move from lake to lake in bait buckets, livewells, undrained boats, and attached to trailers. Be sure to fully empty and clean your boat and trailer whenever you leave a lake to prevent unwanted hitchhikers.

Visit the Minnesota DNR’s Clean In Clean Out page to learn how to properly clean your boat. To learn more about state boating rules as well as aquatic invasive species visit the DNR’s website

Learn how

Zebra mussel

Speed and Wake Rules

Large wakes disturb below the surface of the water as well as above it. When wakes agitate bottom sediments and shorelines, particles are suspended or re-suspended in the water, releasing nutrients which lead to eutrophication (algae growth) and the energy from waves causes shoreline erosion.

Follow the established rules for the lake you are boating in to protect shorelines and keep the lake clean, safe, enjoyable for everyone.

Know the rules