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Prior Lake Spring Lake Watershed District


The lakes and water resources of the PLSLWD play a vital role in the health, economics, environmental quality, aesthetics, and quality of life of the local community. As the PLSLWD has a multitude of water resources within its boundaries but a limited amount of resources to improve or protect them, the PLSLWD must focus its efforts on the most important factors affecting the community.

Priority concerns

Water Quality

Maintaining or improving the water quality in the PLSLWD’s resources with the most emphasis on lakes that have public access and are most widely used by residents.

Aquatic Invasive Species

Continued monitoring and management of existing AIS (curly-leaf pondweed, Eurasian water milfoil, zebra mussels and common carp), as well as prevention of new AIS entering lakes.

Reduce Flooding

Making strides toward flood reduction goals on Prior Lake (e.g. upstream storage) and reducing the impacts of flooding in other areas throughout the PLSLWD.


74 implementation actions that help achieve one or more goals:

44 water quality actions, 10 reduce flooding actions, 3 AIS actions


  • Capital Projects: Constructing or completing new water resources projects.
  • Operations & Maintenance: Maintaining and/or improving existing water resources projects.
  • Planning: Developing long-term plans for water resources and the community with landowners, LGU partners, businesses, non-profits and others.
  • Education & Outreach: Providing education and capacity building for communities and residents to take action to improve water resources.
  • Monitoring: Collecting and analyzing data to identify issues and inform implementation.
  • Regulation: enforcing District Rules through permitting program and identifying alternatives for projects that could meet or exceed water resource protection requirements.
  • Administration: Services and materials necessary to perform day-to-day operations to support the programs above.